My camera is the Pentax 645n Medium Format with three prime lenses, though many of the photographs shown were made with earlier/other equipment. I also keep a Rollei 35s in my pocket when out walking. All MF lenses are fitted with medium yellow filters, though I switch to orange or Polarized as needed. The tripod is a basic Bogen aluminum model with Velben 2-way head. Film is Ilford FP4, exposed at box speed of ISO 125 using available light, only.

The Pentax is wonderfully useful to me, as I most often bracket exposures + and - one stop, and the camera provides plenty of exposure compensation when needed.  Metering allows me three choices, including spot metering. Though a bit noisy, the distinct ka-chunk with each shutter release says to me, "got it".

I develop my negatives in the kitchen using Ilford Ilfosol-3, sometimes leaving them in a little longer to punch up contrast. Darkroom printing is done at my direction by Christine Olmstead (Before and After Photo in Brunswick, Maine) on Ilford  8 1/2 X 11 Multigrade IV RC paper.  Most printing is done straight, with an occasional dodge or burn. I do crop to get the strongest composition.

NOTE: scanning to this site is done with an Epson V500 scanner.  All scans are from optical prints rather than negatives, and as such, lack the signature and impact of the in-hand print.